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My name is Fay Heady-Carroll. I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1990 to an Australian mother and an Irish father. I moved to Amsterdam when I was 11.

September 2012 I graduated with a BACHELOR in Design for Animation and MASTERS in Design for Digital Cultures from the HKU School of Art, Media and Technology in Holland.

in 2010 I had the rare opportunity to do an internship in Tokyo, Japan. This proved to be a very valuable experience. I had the honour of being trained by master animators at the Japanese Animation Studio GONZO, one of the leading Anime Studios (creators of Afro Samurai, Welcome to NHK, Super Street Fighter IV,  Full Metal Panic, Transformers: Cybertron, Brave Story and many more classic anime).  I was not only the company’s first intern, but the first Westerner to work at the anime studio.

In 2011-2012 I attended Kyushu University of Design as an exchange student in Fukuoka, Japan. Here I collaborated with Japanese artists on several projects including games, comic-strips and my graduation work 'Zen Zen Wakaranai : No Idea'.

For as long as I can remember I have been animating and drawing. Even at the age of four I was doodling and animating on an old DOS computer using a program called Autodesk Animator Pro. At 16 I made my first major short called 'The Magic Trousers' which won 1st prize at the NFFS (Netherlands Film Festival for Students) 2007. The prize was a trip to Greece to represent the Netherlands at the Camera Zizanio Film Festival. It also won 1st prize at the Rozentuin Festival 2007 and as part of the prize was featured at the Woof! Festival. I won first prize at the NFFS and Rozentuin Festival again the next year (2008) with 'City of Hats'., This animation was also featured in the Dutch hit film 'Radeloos' (based on the best-selling Carry Slee book). I was also the artistic-director of comic-strip 'The Cat Club Comic', where artists and fellow students of the HKU and Kyushu University contributed to the content.

I have worked on various projects for companies, including animated mini-series 'Wezen Levens' for Dutch Children TV station Zappelin 24. Here I was the creator, director and head animator of the project. I have also made animations for the Ned 2 television quiz show 2 voor 12, an animation for an experimental short film 'Joe Meek', an animation for a Theater piece 'Heel Zachtjes Aanraken' and a 'Wisebits' film for the TV station RVU intended for Trams, TV and Internet.