Gal & Dino ギャルと恐竜

TOKYO MX, BS11のテレビアニメ。

Based on a manga serialized Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine, Gal & Dino is a TV anime that broadcasts on TOKYO MX, BS11 and licensed by Funanimation. I was a colour designer for the series, which was created by Space Neko Company (who also created Pop Team Epic).


African Salary Man 「アフリカのサラリーマン」

アニメーターと色指定 。
Tokyo MX, BS11, KBS, SUN, TVA のテレビアニメ。
制作:Hotzipang, KADOKAWA/MFC

I was an animator for African Salary Man, a TV anime produced by Studio Hotzipang and KADOKAWA/MFC. The series broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS11, KBS, SUN, TVA and is licensed by Funanimation.



Mirai Mizue's Journey To The West「水江西遊記」

New Deer (日本) Miyu Productions (フランス)


I was an animator and colourist for Mirai Mizue's Journey To The West feature film (currently in development). Produced by New Deer (Japan) and Miyu Productions (France).




「御城プロジェクト:RE ~CASTLE DEFENSE~」



I was an animator and colour designer for RE CASTLE DEFENSEpromotional video by DMM GAMES, produced by Studio Hotzipang.


La La Port Black Friday「ららぽーとBLACK FRIDAY」



I was compositor for La La Port Shopping Mall commercial.
Produced by Studio Hotzipang for Black Friday campaign.




Tama Gra Animation Festival 「タマグラアニメ博」at SHIBUYA UPLINK Theatre

Opening Animations for the Tama Gra Animation Festival

Illustrations: Shinya Hashizume Compositor: Fay Heady
イラスト:橋爪伸弥   コンポサーター :ヘディ-・フェイ


Animation: Fay Heady, Xiaolin Zhou, Isaku Kaneko, Ryu Kanshi, Wu Jie and Yuwei Wang   
Director / Compositor: Fay Heady
アニメーション: ヘディ-・フェイ、周 小琳、金子 勲矩、劉桓孜、武潔 & 王 雨薇   



Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam

Opening Animations for the Amsterdam arts & culture festival

Illustrations: Sin Sin Collective  Compositor: Fay Heady
イラスト:Sin Sin Collective   コンポサーター :ヘディ-・フェイ