KIMONO & CHIBBY CHAN is a series of animated shorts which broadcasts on SALTO TV Amsterdam.


Kimono, Chibby Chan and Momo the Marmoset are running from ‘The Disappearing’. Along the way they meet an array of oddball characters on a quest of life, death and music.

きものさんと、ちびーちゃんと、マーモセットももちゃんは、色々なものを消し去る「カ ミカクシ」から逃げる。道すがら様々な奇人と出会いながら、人生と音楽の探索の旅をす る。








Created by Amsterdam based games company Arcane Circus, Kimono & Chibby Chan Save The World is a video game based on the cartoon series of "Kimono & Chibby Chan". The game is an homage to the old arcade-style video game Donkey Kong.

Platforms:  Windows (XP or higher)
Instructions:  Download the game (choose "Keep" if prompted),
Unzip and run the exe.