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The following are articles and interviews about my work
as well as artwork for various publications and companies.
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CHARLES BYRNE - THE IRISH GIANT was featured on animationnation
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FAY SPEAKS Live on English Breakfast Radio 99.4FM

Originally broadcast on September 2013

FAY SPEAKS Live on Amsterdam FM
Originally broadcast on September 2013

 Rozentheater magazine Interview
Issue 7, 2011/2012

Fay Heady Carroll was 4 when she made her first drawings which grew into moving animations. In 2008 she won the Rozentuin Festival with her Impressive animated films 'Magic Trousers' and 'City of Hats'

What did the Rozentuin Festival mean for you?
Before I took part in the Rozentuin Festival, people weren't aware about how much I draw. When I showed my animations to my classmates they were very enthusiastic, so we entered my films into the Rozentuin Festival. It opened a lot of doors for me. Winning a prize is good for your CV and it brings some publicity with it. I even got to do an interview with the Volkskrant.

What are you doing now?
I'm doing a bachelor in Animation at the HKU School of Arts Utrecht. I also recently had the unique experiance of doing an internship with GONZO, a leading Anime studio in Tokyo, Japan. Here I was trained my master animators. I wasn't only their first intern, but the first westerner to work in the studio

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'd like to work in Asia. It's the most exciting place for animation today.

And the Rozentheater?
I sometimes go to shows which inspire my animations. I also like combining theatre and animation together, which can be seen in my newest work 'The Cool Cats Show'.

 "....I'd like to work in Asia. It's the most exciting place for animation today....."



Originally broadcasted live on UStream on Saint Patrick's Day, March 2011

Fay is interviewed and talks about her film 'Weird Beard' and her experience working in Japan.
"Weird Beard won The Best of HKU and is now going to be shown at The China International Cartoon & Animation Festival which was a big surprise for me (...)"

"but that's not your only connection to the East is it?"

"yes that's true, I went to Japan last year. I was trained at GONZO, which are a really huge studio in Tokyo(...) It was really incredible to work there because they work traditional. So you have a paper and pencil and that's it."

"Are you planning to go back?"

"Actually yes. I'm planning to go to Kyushu Island to a place called Fukuoka. I will be studying at Kyushu University(...)"


RTI News. Feb, 2010. (Dutch)
HKU Mixed Media Festival

Fay wins the BEST OF HKU Award

"The Prize is awarded to the greatest upcoming talent of the HKU"

"Magnificently expressive! This is the first thing the jury thought when they watched your animation.
The expression and creativitiy in the characters is very appealing. It's also a very catchy idea.

With the collage technique it's clear this will develop into a really beautiful own style.


RTI News. Feb, 2010. (Dutch)
HKU Mixed Media Festival

Fay talks about THE CAT CLUB COMIC and HKU Mixed Media Festival.

"One of the things you can see at the gallery is The Cat Club Comic.

It's is a magazine and venue for students of the HKU and other artists. You have comic-strips, illustrations and articles and lots of fun and interesting things. It's a great project and a great venue for HKU students


Interview for The Fiber,
HKU Online Magazine, 2008

"...I've known my whole life I wanted to be an animator..."

Fay Heady Carroll, first year animation student. She was born in Dublin (Ireland) and lived in Amsterdam since she was 11.


Why did Fay choose animation? That’s difficult for her to say. The reason for this is different than you'd think. 'I've known my whole life I wanted to be an animator'. So, the HKU was the logical choice for her. 'Animation has nothing to with ideology for me; it's just something I just have to do'. It's easy to see that Fay is very creative. 'You could say animation is a combination of lots of disciplines and that's why it's such a fantastic medium'. She defiantly started young. Fay made her first animation at the age of four on a computer animation program in DOS.


When asked what an animation-student is like, Fay has a short answer 'It's a free spirit. Animation requires embracing your creativity and fantasy. Perhaps that can make animators pecular, but I'm fine with that. You could say animators are true to themselves.' This is different to the image of a shy, nerdy comicbook fan with a tarantula as a pet. 'No I wouldn't mind working for a commercial company. You've got to earn your bread.'


Fay already has some experience in the commercial world. When Fay took part in the NFFS, Netherlands Student Film Festival, she won first prize. The producers of the new Carry Slee film 'Radeloos' got in touch with her. They wanted to use her animations in their film.

Cat Club Comic

It's clear Fay finds personal expression very important. When Fay was in primary school she made her own magazine 'The Cat Club Comic’, which she photocopied for her classmates. The need to share her 'thing' with others is certainly still there.

'What makes me happy is to make things that I find beautiful, especially if there are other people who can enjoy it too.'


Rozentheater magazine nr. 3 2008/2009
Interview with Eddy Zoey and full page illustration

"...what was it you said?: Nick Park, move over, Fay will be the new Oscar Winner for animation? Yes, we, the jury, were really impressed by how enthralling her films are(...) it was a really fantastic film and already professional and a broadcastable quality. That's just the way it is(...) Fay worked on this film for six months and delivered a fantastic piece of work.

She fully deserves first prize."


De Pers Newspaper,
Sat 31 may 2008

Interview and illustrations

"(....)next year I am going to study animation at the HKU. I've already had offers to make animations for companies, tv-channels and films(...)"

"An amazing animated film by the creative 18 year old artist(...)"

"The winner of the Rozentuin Festival will be assured a place at the Woof! Festival. This year the winner is the promising Irish Fay Heady Carroll (18) who won with her film The City of Hats. It's about a girl who hitches a ride on a train to the city and her adventures along the way. Fay: 'I make animations in a traditional 2D-way; hand drawn, collage, sometimes film and a bit of new technology. It's not the easiest way, but has a beautiful esthetic. Next year I am going to study animation at the HKU. I've already had offers to make animations for companies, tv-channels and films. I mostly make films for myself, to give my fantasies a form, but when others enjoy my work too, even better. Wonderful that City of Hats will be shown at the Woof!"


 Spiegeloog (Psychology Monthly)
Cover Design (front and back),
February 2011, Year 38, Number 338


"I never saw a man who looked
With such a wistful eye 
Upon that little tent of blue
Which prisoners call the sky..."

-Oscar Wilde





From 2008 - 2010 I worked as an Illustrator and
comic-strip artist for the Fiber Magazine

These are some snippets of illustrations and comic strips I created for The Fiber Magazine.



T-Shirt Designs

T-shirts designed for BOOMERANG,
a trendy postcard company.

Mont Magazine
nr. 7 nov 2007

Full page of various early illustrations and comic-strips.


2010 - ongoing

Various Covers, Artwork and Comics for 'The Cat Club Comic'.

Cat Club Comic : First Edition, Cover

Cat Club Comic : Made in Japan Preview Edition, Cover

The Amazing Adventures of CAPTIAN KITTY, comic-strip series

Fay's Days in Fukuoka : Japanese Toilets, comic-strip series

Fay's Days : Deadline, comic-strip series