'Wezen Levens' in Dutch translates as 'Creature Lives' and is a children's educational animated series about animals.
It was made for Z@ppelin 24, a Dutch children's cable television channel.
I was the creator, director and head animator of the mini-series.

「Wezen Levens」(生き物の生活)はオランダのZ@PPELIN24テレビでオンエアされた子どものアニメーションシリーズ。

'Wezen Levens' Ep 1 : The Snail (English subs)
'Wezen Levens' Ep 1 : かたつむり (日本語)
'Wezen Levens' Ep 2 : The Louse (English subs)
'Wezen Levens' Ep 3 : The Microbe (English subs)


Wezen Levens Snail Race Game


WEZEN LEVENS was developed into a game for tablets and phones called 'Snail Race'. This was in collaboration with students of Kyushu University, Japan. The game reached the semi-finals of The Imagine Cup Microsoft Game Competition.

九州芸術工科大学の一緒に作った「Wezen Levens Snail Race」のスマホゲーム。Imagine Cup Microsoftゲームコンペティションの準決勝。