African Salary Man 「アフリカのサラリーマン」

アニメーター絵コンテと色指定 。
Tokyo MX, BS11, KBS, SUN, TVA のテレビアニメ。
制作:Hotzipang, KADOKAWA/MFC


Fay Heady was an animator, colorist and storyboarder for African Salary Man, a TV anime produced by Studio Hotzipang and KADOKAWA/MFC. The series broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS11, KBS, SUN, TVA and is licensed by Funanimation.


'African Salary Man' Episode 2, Storyboard Excerpt ©Studio Hotzipang, Kodakawa / MFC Japan


"Fay Heady" in the end credits of African Salary Man