We all know animation is a wonderful medium. However it is rare that we get to meet the people behind the scenes. Join Fay and her animating friends as they talk about animation and the creative process.





The Future Vision Broadcast – From Tokyo To Your Home. Japanese & Dutch animation, peeks behind the scenes & highlights including interviews with internationally acclaimed pop artist Keiichi Tanaami and inspiring Dutch animation director, Paul Driessen and Professor Tatsutoshi Nomura from Tama Art University.







TALKING ANIMATION with PAUL RUDISH - Episode 1: Batman, Cartoon Network & Mickey Mouse

CHIBBY CHANNEL talks to their new BFF Paul Rudish at  KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival. In this, the first episode of a series of 3, Paul Rudish talks about becoming an animator  and working on Batman The Animated Series, Cartoon Network and the new Mickey Mouse reboot.

In 2013 Paul Rudish created, wrote and directed the new Mickey Mouse series that revived the feel of the 1930s Mickey Mouse shorts. He is known for his art, writing, and design work on many classic series at Cartoon Network Studios such as Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack. He also worked on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Batman the Animated Series. 
PHEW! Anything good from the last 20 years and you betcha this guy's worked on it.

Interview by Fay Heady
Camera/sound by Edward Calderhead and Claudio Sanzana



TALKING ANIMATION with PAUL RUDISH - Episode 2: Mickey Mouse in Amsterdam

Paul Rudish talks about modernizing Mickey Mouse and a new episode which will be set in Amsterdam.

Interview by Fay Heady
Camera/sound by Edward Calderhead and Claudio Sanzana




TALKING ANIMATION with PAUL RUDISH - Episode 3: Hanna Barbera Days & Powerpuff Girls Exclusive

In this, the final episode of a series of 3, Paul Rudish talks about working at Hanna Barbara Studios and how it compares to working now. He also tells us a Powerpuff Girls exclusive!

Interview by Fay Heady
Camera/sound by Edward Calderhead and Claudio Sanzana




TALKING ANIMATION with RYO INOUE 井上涼 at NHK Nishinomiya Art Gardens

Fay talks animation with Ryo Inoue. Currently living and working in Tokyo, Ryo is famous for his light-hearted animations, illustrations and projection installations. He has a wide range of beloved characters including Pop-Idol Sarah (and her amazing hair), the Heroine Little Red Riding Hood, Majo the witch, Mrs. Matilda and many more. We caught up with Ryo to talk about his current projects and work philosophy at Nishinomiya Art Gardens, where NHK annually feature some of Japan's hottest animators in an exciting exhibition and playground for kids and animation lovers.





TALKING ANIMATION with The PEGBARIANS - Pokeball Z, Mario & Video Games

Pegbarians consists of three Dutch animators: Florian Walraven, Thijs Koole and Martijn Calkhoven. Together, they create animated shorts that will amuse, surprise or downright traumatise you. Their cartoons often star popular video game characters such as Mario and Pikachu. They are also the creators of 'Video Game Time' which is featured on SeaNanners popular video game channel. Pegbarians works have had several million hits on youtube and Newgrounds.





Dennis and Fay talk about working as animators and the up-and-coming KIMONO & CHIBBY CHAN in FLASHBACK. We also get a sneak peek at Dennis' new project called TUESDAY.


Eri, Fay and Anna get together to talk animation and about creating ZEN ZEN WAKARANAI : NO IDEA